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Thread: Douglas TBD-1 Devastators released

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    Wonderful addition to CFS2. Thanks CK. I'm heading to get her now.

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    Hi Captain

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    Howdy Capt!

    These are wonderful, but I'm encountering an issue. On my system, the 100lb rack seems to conflict with the belly panel. If I have the 100lb rack installed, the belly panel doesn't show up.

    Now I could have other issues, because I have 2141 object DP files, and 266 weapon BGLs installed as well...

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    Great work Captain.
    Unfortunately , the belly panel does not appear .
    The program says : wep _ tbd_ 100lb_bomb _rack does not exist ( after adding it ) !!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fani View Post
    Great work Captain.
    Unfortunately , the belly panel does not appear .
    The program says : wep _ tbd_ 100lb_bomb _rack does not exist ( after adding it ) !!!!!

    Try deleting the data file it will make a new one in a New York flash.

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    If not that then make sure the spelling is correct for the bgl the object dp the plane dp and inside the bgl you can check by hex editor.

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    Absolute masterpieces, just superb!

    Not only an excellent model, especially with the little details (which I love!), but a fantastic set of texs as well...

    Many thanks CK.



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    Thank you all for the compliments. It's great to know you like the plane.

    On the other note, is everyone having an issue with the 100lb bomb rack not appearing, or are most of you finding it working OK? I can't get the problem to duplicate here so I don't know what it might be.

    Captain Kurt
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    Hurrah !!!. I fixed the problem .

    In :

    SCENEDB _ weapons _ scenery

    you have to reverse the names of the two files :



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    I tried out the beautiful colorful prewar version. Really nice!
    I found that neither the 100lb bomrack nor the belly panel show.
    Fani, did you mean renaming the two bgl files with the other´s name? I did that, the fairing now shows, but not the rack..

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    Hi Guys thanks for the feedback. It gave me a place to start looking. I disassembled the .bgl files to check them out. The WEP_TBD_100lb_bomb_rack.bgl is the culprit. It needs to be replaced. The WEP_TBD_belly_panel.bgl should not be renamed.

    I am updating the downloads, and for those who have already downloaded the planes, here is the replacement WEP_TBD_100lb_bomb_rack.bgl

    This should fix it, though why it did not originally give me any trouble when testing everything, I don't understand. Please let me know if this solves it.

    Captain Kurt
    "Fly, you fools!" Gandalf the Gray

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    And it did fix it. And what a nice new craft she is. Great work CK. Many Thanks

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    Thanks Captain . Now everything is correct in your beautiful bird .

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    Thank you Captain Kurt for this beautiful bird
    Again a top level production !!!


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    Well done Captain
    Many thanks for those nice ones


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    Douglas TBD-1 Devastators

    They look great and with just a little bit of standard tweaking fly well in FS9.

    Thanks, Guys!!

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    Kurt, thanks for these. Great detail modelling, & especially appreciate the early war US Navy pattern bombs

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    Outstanding job on this one. Like Wolfi's Avenger, this filled a major hole in the Pacific theatre!

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    Just SUPERB! I modified all my missions in which the TBD is the players aircraft to this gorgeous example.
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    One more fix

    Well I goofed again.

    Andrew Wai alerted me to the fact that the rudder pedals twist when the rudder is turned, Rookie mistake on my part. The uploads are fixed. for those who already have the Devastators, here are the corrected models.

    Corrected TBD

    Captain Kurt
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    Wonderful work. thank you Kurt!

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    Great, thank you!

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