Abacus "EZ-Landmark" and "EZ-VFR" registration?
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Thread: Abacus "EZ-Landmark" and "EZ-VFR" registration?

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    Question Abacus "EZ-Landmark" and "EZ-VFR" registration?

    I recently downloaded and installed Abacus Software's old "EZ-Landmark" and "EZ-VFR" addons for FS2000/FS2002/FS2004 and discovered that they work fairly well with Combat Flight Simulator 2. Note that in order for these addons to be useful you have to import all of the FS2000 scenery into CFS2, which I already have done.

    Now to the dilemma: Since Abacus Software is no longer around or in business, and the addons must be unlocked with paid registration keys to allow them to be used to their full potentials, what to do?

    I did find one boxed copy of EZ-Landmark on EBay, but I have a hunch that the registration code that comes with it might not work with the latest/last versions of the addons that I have downloaded and installed.

    (To the admins/mods: Sorry for the subforum crossposting, this applies to CFS2/FS2000/FS2002/FS2004)

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    You may also be able to find boxed disks (CDs) from Abacus on Amazon.

    I found some aircraft carriers (Flight Deck series) and a couple of their utility programs as "new unopened" plus a full (unopened) boxed set of Paint Shop Pro 6 plus all the manuals that way.

    A couple of those boxes came from Goodwill stores that were selling stuff on Amazon.

    You can also still find direct downloads from the US and UK.

    If you don't write the reg. code on the label side of the CDs, at least make sure you keep the codes in a place where you'll be able to find them. I'll make a txt file for the code and leave it in the installed folder, just in case.

    Just keep digging and eventually you'll find this stuff.

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    Thanks for the info I'm still looking for EZ-VFR.

    P.S. I *LOVE* Paint Shop Pro... been using various versions of it since my Windows 3x days So much so that I have never used the phrase "PhotoShopped", I've always said "PaintShopProed" LOL!

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    Win 10 has a habit of getting grumpy with the old PSP "evaluation" downloads. That's why I bought the original boxed CD.

    The Abacus titles are getting tougher to find. For the most part, if you find one "new" or used- buy it.

    I did a quick search on Amazon and found these:


    Yeah, its a C note. Some of this stuff is getting into the "collectable software" price range.

    Then again, there's:


    For a more reasonable $28 BUT its a title for FSX only.

    You could also try Egghead and some of the other book buying sites. Many of them have warehouses of old software.

    The other idea is to KEEP LOOKING. Stuff turns up, it might be sold out for now but another copy might show up in another six months.

    Last, both EBay and Amazon have sites in the UK and Europe. FS-related software is still bonkers in the UK and Germany.
    The shipping costs will be higher but at least you'll get the disk.

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    I broke down and bought a sealed boxed copy of EZ-Landmark from EBay. Apparently it's the first version 1.0 that Abacus released, and unfortunately is missing features that the newer version of the utility has.

    But, even more of a showstopper: I enter the registration key supplied in the box into the program from within FS, and it says "Thank you for registering!". It seems to work just fine within that same flight session, EXCEPT when I shut down FS and then restart it. After restarting FS, EZ-Landmark switches back to 'free trial' mode, and I have to enter the registration key all over again. It does this every time, a real PITA <aarrgghh>

    I really wish that I could 'acquire' a registration key for the newer version of the utility, maybe they fixed this problem in v1.2.

    Knowing my luck, If I find a boxed copy of EZ-VFR I'll probably run into the same exact problem (ditto with the above sentence for EZ-VFR as well) LOL.

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