The b-24guy Fw190A-4 problem.
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Thread: The b-24guy Fw190A-4 problem.

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    The b-24guy Fw190A-4 problem.

    I try with the dxwrapper but it doesn't work.

    is it a cfs2 defect?, or is the plane badly reworked?.

    it is one of my favorite planes i would like to save it

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    Hi Max,
    It has to be a problem with the plane.
    I have tried to fix it, no success.
    Guess we will just have to live with it.


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    I test the model in a other PC, a ryzen 2200g with vega grafic, and the fw190a4 running fine.So I think the problem is my Nvidia gtx1650

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    Hi Max,
    That is interesting.
    Could be that a higher powered card can handle the model.


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