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    Does anybody have a flak mod that extends the length of the flak cloud before it fades out. Keeping the puffs up there longer is what I'm interested in. I can do it myself as I know how to open and edit files but I'm not sure what parts are the smoke puffs.

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    Hmm, flak effects visuals are probably overdue an overhaul.

    RAF_Mutley did longer-lasting flak effect way back in 2001.

    But I'm using a Blue Devil ACM 1.3 set from March 2009.

    I don't see either of them here in the Library, so I've attached them to this post.

    If you're modding them, just be careful as effects that use alpha-channel textures can be a real drain on sim resources. You might find CFS2 just decides to barf if you overload the game engine ...
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    Thanks. I couldn't find the realflakzip myself. Had it years ago but not anymore. Messing stuff up is what it's all about anyway so I don't really worry about that. If I mod something and my computer melts I might not do that anymore but if the game barfs just revert back to the old file or keep tweaking the offending file until a happy medium is made between you and the game.

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