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    747 Steering

    Hi All

    I have come late to the Asobo/Salty 747.

    I am really struggling with the take-off roll. As soon as I apply power the aircraft sets off to the right and the rudder seems to have no effect. The reason seems to be that my TM HOTAS throttle is only running up the two left hand engines so i have asymetric thrust. Is there a way to set the thrust power across all four engines when my throttle has two tethered power levers?

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    Resolved this issue.

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    For anyone that happens on this thread, what was your solution?
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    Tom - sorry yes - the throttle assignment on my HOTAS was allocated to Throttles 1 & 2. Because this is obviously a 4-engined aircraft this doesn't work. What was happening was I was only getting power on the left engines causing an uncorrectable (with rudder) swing to the right as full power is selected. By reassigning the throttles simply to "Throttle" rather than "Throttles 1 & 2" the problem goes away.

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    Did you put the left one on 1+2 and the right one on 3+4 ?
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