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    Paging Mr Elliott

    What am I doing wrong;

    I'm trying to create a ground poly in ADE for my scenery (using the addon from ; I tell it I want a grass texture, the texture is present in both fs texture folder and ADE ; however once compiled and added 'in sim' all I get is a big grey area that has obliterated any runways or aprons I once had?

    Any ideas please?



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    Not very helpful im afraid, but i could never figure out that function in ADE myself, For that kind of work i have more success and better results with Sbuilder. What are you trying to do, a basic grass texture or photo background or what ?

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    What type of ground texture? There are regular ones and then illumination ones. I've never worked with the illumination ones, though.

    When creating the ground poly make sure you have the texture in both the folders required in ADE. One is for the "picture" which pops up in the program, while the other is the actual "texture" the thing will use. The texture you copy to the scenery's texture folder is the one that gets created by ADE when you compile. It should be somewhere in your project folder (at least in my setup, anyway).

    Just copy that one over to the sim and you should be fine.

    You should have a dialogue come up when you compile asking about distances for the polys and such. Make sure you select the third option when it does.

    In the box it should say "Unlimited" for the Line Visibility and the Poly Visibility, and "Airport" for the Auto Group Size section.

    DO NOT use the ARP or Local Elevation since I haven't had that one work on my setup, but that may be due to the MANY mods I have with the PW project.

    When I compile, the groundpoly texture gets placed in a folder called, "ADE_GP_Textures" inside the project folder where I compiled to. The texture in that folder is the one you should copy over to the scenery's texture folder for the area you're working on.

    That's how I've been making circles and grass field markings.

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