Sad news of an old friend
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Thread: Sad news of an old friend

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    Sad news of an old friend

    Some of you here may remember Nausicaa, otherwise known as Alex.

    For those who may have considered him a friend, I have sad news. Alex was unexpectedly taken ill on Tuesday at his home in Spain and died shortly thereafter.

    Our thoughts are with him and his family.
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    I remember him. He was here a long time ago. Sad.


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    Found out about this over at QMS.

    Not someone I thought about often, but he was someone I remembered, even after our falling out.

    That's the thing about time and age - it's been so long, I don't even really remember specifically what it was that happened, but it was enough we'd not spoken in over a decade I think. Specifics aren't important now.

    RIP Alex.

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    That was a very long time ago indeed.

    RIP Alex

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    2,603 sad.....

    ....RIP Naus.......
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