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    Icon22 Bataille de la Somme (V2)

    I am looking for the campaign, and any with French aircraft and German and Belgian and Dutch used during 1940 in the battles. I cannot seem to find a Battle of France with just French and German. Thanks for any help. Thanks for your help. I want to work on the French invasion from Germany and France.

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    Found at Simviation:
    Campaign of France for CFS2, french and german side, by G.West. Planes included. Stukas interception. The 8th of june 1940, third day of the Battle of the Somme was, for the GC 1/II, the 'Storks' (Guynemer's squadron), still equiped with Moranes, a successful day, especially for captain Williame, who won 6 victories. For its second sortie, the GC 1/II fights two Ju87B formations, weakly protected. You must at least down three ennemy bombers.

    There is also an Hawk-75 campaign here at SOH:

    And don't forget the Battle of France campaign made by the 'CFS2 BoB Team':

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    Icon22 Great stuff

    Has any one made s campaign for the Dutch and/or Belgian
    side of the invasion? and I know people have stopped making aircraft from the 30's but if not where can any be found most old sight have dryed up. Thanks

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    The Battle of France team release includes both Dutch and Belgian campaigns. I am still working on Part II, which will go from Dunkirk through the capitulation.

    There are some 338 missions in the campaign package.

    "This package contains three hundred and thirty-eight missions covering many different sides and perspectives of the Battle of France, including a British fighter pilot, a British bomber pilot, a French fighter pilot, a French bomber pilot, A Belgian fighter pilot, a British Lysander pilot, a Dutch fighter pilot, a German fighter pilot, a German bomber pilot, and a German Stuka pilot. Most of the missions are historical or quasi-historical and are based on actual events. There are elements of older CFS2 campaigns included in the missions, including Jagdfliger’s Battle of France - Stuka & Battle of France – RAF campaigns, as a well as a CFS1 campaign converted by Kdriver, but approximately 90% percent of the missions have been created from scratch by me."

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