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    ez scenery Cotswolds airfields

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    Description: Fs2004 scenery;

    My foray into the mysterious world of ez scenery and AFCAD; I present 2 ww2 RAF airfields
    I initially built these on the UK photoscenery background, thanks go to Ian Elliott for the background landclass files if you are using default scenery

    The Cotswolds are a range of rolling hills in and along the Oxfordshire ,Gloucestershire, Somerset and Worcesershire borders where many of the RAf ww2 training and transport bases were located ( and still are, with Brize Norton, Fairford ,Keevil, South Cerney, Aston Down, Kemble and Little Rissington being still active.)

    1) RAF Chipping Norton; was a relief landing ground and secondary site for the training schools at Little Rissington and Kidlington ; its' major inhabitants were Airspeed Oxfords and
    Harvards of 6 SFTS and 15 SFTS; nowadays is perhaps somewhat better known (or infamous maybe) for being one of the parcels of land that make up Jeremy Clarkson's farm

    Where I've found correct building models that are recorded as being in those places; then I've put them there albeit with a bit of artist licence , so the 2 Bellman Hangars and
    8 blister hangars are in place; plus the 25yard range; the fuel pumphouse and the entry hut at hangar site

    The other site comprises the technical /instructional buildings only, this was a camp largely made up of hutted accommodations (the messes, sick quarters and accommodation were on further dispersed sites) with the control tower in its correct place.

    The runways were grass btw, later tracked with sommerfield matting;



    The AFCAD isn't perfect;I've given it the code of UK15, after its largest user, 15 FTS from nearby Kidlington; feel free to improve as you see fit and the choice of building models for the period is limited; the traffic file requires Dave Molyneaux Airspeed Oxford,
    Alphasim t6/Harvard and Ted Cook's Miles Magister


    2) RAF Windrush; another of the relief landing grounds for the schools at Little Rissington, Kidlington & South Cerney
    its situated alongside the main A40 road between Oxford and Cheltenham, if you are driving along that way the cafe known as the Cotswold Outpost is probably on the site of the Officers accommodations; but the huts are long gone and some houses and the cafe are here now.

    Opened in June 1940; and closed in 1945; initially it was a RLG (Relief Landing Ground) for Chipping Norton (in itself an RLG) ; but as time progressed it too became a satellite of the schools at South Cerney and Little Rissington
    the runways (as at Chipping Norton) were initially grass and from 1942 were sommerfield tracking. It had one T type hangar and 8 blister hangars; although I have not put all the latter in as there is no accurate plan I've been able to find. After closure the land was returned to the Lord Sherborne ; who commenced a demolition and hide project demolishing the nearly 100 small buildings and planting their sites with trees to hide the remains; the Midland Parachute club restored the tower and used the airfield (basing a BN Islander there) between 1992-97
    it is now owned by the National trust; https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/lod...tle-of-britain

    A memorial at the church in Windrush village describes Sgt Pilot Bruce Hancock RAFVR who died on 18 August 1940 when downing a German Heinkel bomber by ramming it with his unarmed training Avro Anson aircraft.

    I'm not that knowledgeable about BGL file structure these may also work in CFS2 at your discretion.

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit ez scenery Cotswolds airfields
    The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.

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    They look good in the screenies. One of these days Iíll get to see them in the sim.

    We have some very nice and very appropriate planes to fly from them too.

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    Thanks Pete, I think I have these already installed....


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