I made a simple Douglas M-2 biplane (or at least tried to, anyway) a few years ago when I started messing with the whole Platinum Wings idea. I made it following the 47-part video tutorial Milton posted on youtube a while back. I figured the M-2 was one of the more simple aircraft that hadn't been made yet.

I wanted to upload it in case someone wanted to finish it, but I realized yesterday that there's a limit to the total size of uploads we have. Unless I'm not reading that correctly. I just didn't want to eat into that upload limit if nobody was interested in finishing it.

The exterior model is complete as are the texture templates and mapping for the exterior. It also has a VERY basic VC as well, though it's not textured and consists of a simple clone of the exterior labeled as "interior" for the purpose.

I also did the aircraft.cfg file as well as the animations per the video series, so you have suspension and control surfaces working. Basically it just needs someone to finsih/fix/un-hose the VC and interior model, make good textures for it, and add any wiring to the exterior if it may need them.

Are there any suggestions or takers? I'll post some dev pics when I can.

Thanks again for any advise!


Miami, FL

PS: I'm not sure if there's a newer version of GMAX than 1.2, but that's the one I have.