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Description: This package contains a repaint for the Reggiane Re2005 Sagittario by Luca Restari and team, which was released as payware by Skyunlimited. The repaint depicts the aircraft MM.092346 which was flown by 362a Squadriglia, 22o Gruppo. The aircraft was one of the first series delivered in May 1943. It was subject of several pictures taken at Littoria airfield, Rome in June 1943.
The repaint shows the aircraft in a very clean state as it was less than a month old. On 2 July 1943, 362a was sent to Sicily to face the imminent invasion. The wreck of the MM.092346 was found near Catania (the capitol of Sicily) in July 1943.

These textures are included in 32 bits format, intended to be used in FSX or FS2004. And the same textures are included in 16 bits format intended to be used in FS2004 on slower computers.

To install this repaint you must have a copy of the Skyunlimited Re2005 installed.

I wish to thank Luca Restari and his team for making this very nice model, which was the perfect canvas for my repaint. And last but definitely not least, Martin Wright for his simple but indispensable graphic tools, as without his dtx1 bitmap manipulator these textures simply wouldn't be there.

Huub Vink
August 2022

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