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Description: This is a repaint pack I have been working on. It covers some USFS contact helos in California along with a San Diego Regional Fire repaint.

You will need the payware Flysimware Super Huey for these to work. Instructions included. Tested and working in FSX and P3DV4. Should work wherever the Super Huey works.

H-551 pairs nicely with the Crane Flat Scenery I have released. Currently I am working on Sierra Helitack base and Heaps Peak as well.

H-506 Trinity Helitack
H-520 Sierra Helitack
H-520 New Sierra Helitack
H-534 Heaps Peak Helitack
H-534 New Heaps Peak Helitack
H-551 Crane Flat Helitack
H-551 New Crane Flat Helitack
San Diego Regional

To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Flysimware Super Huey USFS and San Diego Fire Repaint Pack KachinaHeliquestRepaintPack.zip
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