Dde samuel b.roberts ......
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    Dde samuel b.roberts ......

    ..... For those that are interested the Taffy 3 DDE Samuel B. Roberts has been found. Read the article here.. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/wo...-under-pacific

    RIP Sailors and Bravo Zulu.

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    Great video too!

    Thanks Fibber!

    If anyone is interested; The USS Samuel B. Roberts (DE 413 & later) are featured in Season 1, Episode 3 of Hero Ships (2008)
    Watched it recently ... GREAT series too!


    I'm also a BIG fan of the National Geographic: "Drain the Oceans" series (2018-)

    Locating long lost ship wrecks and scanning them in very fine detail.
    - most at great depths and cannot be studied any other way.

    Then using specialized software, they remove the water and render a 3D, highly detailed view in sunlight.

    4 wrecks per episode
    Nice history of each ship and how they met their ultimate demise.
    CGI of how they sunk & the trip to the bottom.

    I've seen the wrecks of Yorktown, Indianapolis, Juneau, Lexington, Bismark, Hood & Prince of Wales to name but a few.
    Not just warships, but almost any craft that has sunk over history!

    All done in that impeccable "National Geographic" style!



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    Yes Fibber, Thank you.
    "De Oppresso Liber"

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