C W D T F6F Hellcat problems.
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Thread: C W D T F6F Hellcat problems.

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    C W D T F6F Hellcat problems.

    Greeting to the all knowing and supportive SOH hangar crew.
    I am having problems with the wonderful freeware Classic Warbirds Design Team F6F Hellcat for FS2004.
    The Hellcat performs magnificently in straight-and-Level flight under 247 mph.
    A. In a moderate dive at reaching 247 mph the aircraft become unstable with the engine shutting down and will not restart before crashing in to the ground.

    B. The engines shuts down if set to idle. (I can live with that.)

    Also I receive two flying tips every five or so minuets in spite of following the tips.

    1. Your fuel is critically low in selected tanks. Auto refuel is available CTRL+ X. (Does have on any effect on any selection.)

    2. Your heading indicator is set incorrectly to set press D.

    I have read the included manual several times however I was unable to locate anything helpful. Searching the internet had nothing.
    I download a second copy however it did not solved the problem.

    I am running on Windows 7 H P desktop with Intel I7 16 GB of ram. MSFS 2004 is the only program installed on computer. Of the fifty-five aircraft installed it is the only one not working correctly.
    Any assistance given will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You: Dave

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    some of these you can fix by adding lines to the aircraft.cfg

    for example for the engine shutting down at idle in the [GeneralEngineData] section

    change this line
    min_throttle_limit                    = 0                //Minimum percent throttle.  Generally negative for turbine reverser
    to this
     min_throttle_limit                    = 1               //Minimum percent throttle.  Generally negative for turbine reverser
    likewise your direction indicators change them to electric instead of vacuum; and there appears to be a typo in the fuel section it should read like this

    //===================Longitudinal (feet), Lateral (feet), Vertical (feet), Usable(gallons), Unusable (gallons)
    Center1                  =-2.55,            0.0,           -2.27,           75.0,             3.00
    LeftMain                 = 0.30,           -3.1,           -1.00,           87.5,             3.00
    RightMain                = 0.30,            3.1,           -1.00,           87.5,             3.00
    number_of_tank_selectors = 1
    electric_pump            = 1
    I've attached the aircraft container sdk (software developers kit); which is a .doc file that explains all the sections in the aircraft.cfg
    file and the correct syntax to use --- > aircraft_sdk.zip



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    C W D T F6F Hellcat problems

    Pete, you are the best your fix worked like magic. Thanks for the aircraft_sdk download there is a world of information in those files.
    Many thanks for your time and assistance. Dave

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