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Thread: F6f3_hellcat released by Captain Kurt!

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    Many thanks for this great add, Kurt
    A very nice model


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    woo whoo Thanks Captain!!

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    Beautifu! Thank you Captain Kurt1

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    Hi Captain Kurt
    Thank your efforts on this set of excellent Aircraft.

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    Thank you Captain Kurt.

    I'm also looking forward to your son's work on the USS Enterprise campaign Heide.
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    Captain Kurt,

    Wow...what an unexpected and completely amazing new rendition of the Hellcat! Downloading it today.....many thanks, good buddy!

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    Very nice! I wish that you can update it with animation in the VC and add the break apart wing logic.


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    Great work Captain . Great pilot .

    There are no textures for machine guns ???

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    Absolutely beautiful Kurt,

    Superb work both on build and tex, so glad you did it in FSDS, old but still a very capable prog!

    You know me, love the little details such as the pitot and drop tank strap detail, even the radio aerial mounting points and formation ID lights...many thanks for this stunner.

    I still can't get why people seem to think that falling off wings, tail planes and engines are remotely realistic. I bet you it will be nigh on impossible to find any gun camera footage or evidence of a wing breaking off a Hellcat. Yes, Japanese ac broke or blew up, and yes the unarmoured lighter early war ac did have structural failures, but in general ac were shot down because the pilot was injured or killed, or a critical system (ie fuel, coolant, hydraulics etc) was damaged, or there was a fire. CFS2 replicates this quite well, without major components being blown off!.

    Yes, I was thinking the same thing, but if you look at colour pics from the war, you can see that some were actually polished gunmetal or chrome, so CK's ac is quite correct.



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    There was some kind of a jacket that went around the barrels (asbestos to insulate the heat maybe?). Anyway, only the end of the muzzles stuck out of the front. A close up photo I have shows it wasn't quite smooth, leading me to think it was asbestos packing. Most were actually white colored (natural color?) but by the dash 5 they had been uniformly painted blue.

    Thanks for all the kind comments. I'm out of here for the next couple weeks so I'll catch you all on the backside of that.


    Captain Kurt
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