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    KPXE Perry-Houston County Georgia

    Well, this morning I was provided with all the information I was waiting for and am underway beginning the airport. While I was waiting I created the photoreal background and laid out the runway, taxiways and the aprons as well as vehicle roads. It is a really interesting airport. Even if it were done before, which to my knowledge it has not been, the terminal was just opened up the 1st of June this year and construction completed. The taxiways have also been redone so nothing done before especially FSX or P3D default KPXE airport is inaccurate. I am being furnished new layouts to create this. So my KPXE will incorporate all the latest updates. I am going to halt on this until I get that layout and restart it from scratch then.
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    Another good one! A friend of mine lives right near there and I drive right by the airport when going to visit.

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    Progress So Far

    The PXE GA Hanger is complete. Started working on the terminal from the architect's drawings I was provided. Placement is waiting on the new aerial photograph which will also be converted into a photoreal bgl. This will be an up to date version of the airport including the labels for the new taxiways. I will try and create for the first time a new Jeppsen style of airport chart for KPXE and new ILS and RNAV charts if they are any different than before. So much to do and so little time...LOL!

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    Next the terminal

    Work is progressing slowly on the terminal. First I had to teach myself how to use MAJ rbz's but once I learned they are really cool. I am building it on the architectural drawing and it's looking good IMHO. I am still waiting for the new aerial views of the airport. It's really fun learning new things for me. I think you will be really pleased when its done, I know I will.

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    Progress Report

    Here are screenshots that I just took out at the airport from the apron. I still have a little tweaking to do to the terminal. Also need to fix flickering of the PXE images. Tried to do it yesterday as I have done in the past but its being stubborn. I have a thought to try again but here are the shots. It was A LOT OF WORK. All of the interior walls are in the terminal according to the plans. The terminal and the Corporate Hanger have night textures. I am still getting over 20 fps on the airport with my default Cessna.

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    Wow Richard, that terminal looks great as does the hangar. Can't wait to see the finished results.

    One question though. You stated that you had to had to teach yourself how to use something called "MAJ rbz's." What exactly is that?
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    Maj rbz

    Thank you for the compliment. Majid Mahmoudi has graciously created free extensions for Sketchup: Rail, stairs, walls, windows, doors, and a few more. They simplify creating these different things in Sketchup rather than using the standard Sketchup tools like circles, rectangles etc. I used the Maj Wall and Maj Window to create the terminal and I used One-click Hanger as a basis much modified for authenticity for the Corporate Hanger following the architectural drawings for both. The terminal has not only external but internal walls and doors as well as the floor coverings. They both have night textures also.

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    You won't believe it

    I got an e-mail this morning early from the architects who have provided me with the drawings for the new terminal and corporate hanger in the screenshots above. After a nice compliment, I was instructed that the corporate hanger had a few discrepancies that I needed to fix. Here is a new screenshot of the corrected hanger with no overhang on the roof and proper size downspouts which I had oversize. I was worried that I would have a problem correcting the roof because the whole building is "a group" meaning it's all one piece but I was able to edit it with satisfactory results with a lot of Divine Guidance. Now that I've done that, I will get on with the rest of the hangers that need to be built and placed.

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    The Old FBO

    I found out last night that the Old Terminal/FBO has not been demolished, but re-purposed and sold to Perry Air Flight School so today collecting all the photos I could and a few questions answered by the airport for me, I am just about finished with it. They have a very unique rear walkway to the apron. Here is a photo of it. It was a real challenge to do in Sketchup. I could not do it AS a runway in ADEx which would have been a lot easier because it would have shown as an actual runway. Here is one of the photos I found. Now I've got the picnic tables from other airports, but where do I find those nice wicker lawn chairs?

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