KMEM airport for P3D V5.3
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Thread: KMEM airport for P3D V5.3

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    KMEM airport for P3D V5.3

    Anyone try the FSDT KMEM airport in P3D V5.3? I have it installed in P3D V4.5 but curious as to if there are any issues using it in V5.3?

    Otherwise, I am looking for someone who could make it P3Dv.5 compatible or develop a new KMEM that looks better then the stock V5.3 one.

    FSDT like a lot of Devs, has washed their hands of any P3DV5 stuff and moved on to MSFS.

    EDIT: I just checked at FSDT forums and it looks like some people have installed it in Versions of 5 before latest and it worked okay but with P3D V5.3 it looks like
    some are experiencing "floating" issues and FSDT is supposedly looking into it.
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