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    texture issues

    I need someone to remind me why I cannot get any textures on the wildcats in Midway except the Hornet. I have checked the titles of file and aircraft files and all I get is the white ghost on those two?? My old brain has forgotten something.

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    Check the "aircraft " file in your plane folder. Make sure the other planes are identified.. Just copy the "Flight Sim.0" segment and post it below the 0 with a new title of "Flight Sim.1" and name the tex in the texture= line. Continue with the other planes renumbering sequentially save and your done

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    As far as I know Fibber's solution with multiple entries in the aircraft file works only in Free Flight.
    For missions you need a separate Aircraft folder for each plane you want to have.

    Highpockets, have a look at the Aircraft files of the two planes that don't show properly and make sure the line *texture=xxx" exactly matches the name of the texture folder in the Aircraft folder. If it doesn't, the plane will show as the white ghost in the sim.
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    Highpockets has the already.I think he got 2 days ago.


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