About the truck driver shortage
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Thread: About the truck driver shortage

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    About the truck driver shortage

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    Not too smart! Glad he isn't driving a huffer around a crowded flight deck!
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    There are professional truck drivers and then there are steering wheel holders. This driver does not even make the qualification for steering wheel holder.
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    Alcohol? Drugs? Played for months truck simulator and lost his grip on reality?
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    My impression is it may be a guy who had had a bad day and getting the rear wheels trapped was just one thing too many.

    I saw a guy once who finally got into the dock at a difficult location then it was a struggle to get out, he had had enough and just drove over the curb and across the lawn, through the decorative bushes and just kept going.
    I couldn't be a truck driver, In my hot headed youth I would probably have lost my cool at some point and done something regrettable like this

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