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    how do i put eto in to cfs 2 and which is best way to do it do i copy all the eto files over the old cfs 2 files scenery and textures just cant get inf addons to show up in the game on windows 10 is a web page for help how to do it or someone in here tell me do i remove all the files in the world folder and paste the new one in will that work ever add it program can not do it and which files are best to use someone in here rami sander de coco richard ludowisei got the files just tell me how it is done please please

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    Hi John,

    Download Rami's ETO installation guide in the CFS2 Utilities section. It will give you step by step instructions and the scenery downloads required.

    Good luck,

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    Follow Ramie's guide and you can't go wrong John.
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