Spitfire mk24 over RAF Coningsby.
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Thread: Spitfire mk24 over RAF Coningsby.

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    Spitfire mk24 over RAF Coningsby.

    Hi all, joined few weeks ago, always loved the world of flight simming. Still on FSX-SE, good all-rounder. Have not put anything on youtube for awhile now, so gave it a bash!
    Search-- "spitfire mk24 coningsby" my youtube channel is rskies1. There's few more videos on there too.

    Just me flying the spit, different camera views, trying some inverted flight with four point rolls thrown in.

    Spitfire is by Rob Richardson
    Coningsby scenery by ACG

    So if you got 15 mins to spare, please check it out, turn up the sound, best seen on large screen.

    I had a great time doing it, hope you enjoy.

    Many thanks.

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    Just to make it a bit easier!

    Charlie Awaiting the new Microsoft Flight Sim and will eventually buy a new computer. Running a Chromebook for now!

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