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    GMAX_fsx in Win 11

    In Window 11 it isn't possible to export a model via FSX gamepack. When saving, GMAX simply quits. A pity, as many people still use good old GMAX. I found an unusual way to export your models to FSX native. FS2004 gamepack works perfectly in Win 11 (how is this possible???).
    This is what I do. I create my mdls in fs2004 gamepack and export the mdl as FS2004 model. Then, use ModelConverterX to convert the plane to FSX native.
    You can also convert to P3d and MSFS2020 this way.
    Normaly everything works. It's possible you have a problem with the flaps. You must arrange the animations as flap_key from 0 to 100 to correct this. Antonio Valcarce found a nice way to make the props working. see attachment.
    have a try, A.F.Scrub

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    I want to say I saw something about the FSX gamepack was know to be broken/buggy on fsdeveloper but can't find it. Maybe that could be of help.
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