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Thread: Kursk VVS Campaign Released!

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    I'd try those Panel bitmaps provided by Uncletgt and Kdriver. I like their thinking and they been up and down the hollow enough to know their way out in the dark. what stumps me is supposedly nothing changed they were working like a bargirl in a Pattya A-go-go bar and now they crash like some old timer on Viagra who shouldn't be fooling with girls in his condition to start with. If you did change something than that's likely it and yes it's the plane if it's in free flight.

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    All good, the total tonnage of what I don't know would sink the Big-E. But the more I tinker the more I learn, and I'm always hoping to stumble on to something and chip in. I've started to have as much fun digging in to the sim as flying.

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    My problem is not flying. I thought I would slow down and just enjoy playing a campaign or two but before I start I think I want to change this that and next thing you know Iím still working not flying. Beats all Iíve ever seen I donít know what the matter with me but thatís the way Iíve been.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdriver View Post
    Greg & John,

    That 1024X768 panel isn't causing any problems for me. However, if you have Morton's Pe2 panels which have two 1024X768 bitmaps, it's another story with Windows 7.

    Here are Morton's rear gunner bitmaps reduced to 800X600.
    Thanks John. I will try it. The panel I got with the plane is 1024 x 768 and by sandydog . I reloaded all the gauges and will replace the panel with the one you posted.

    (5 minutes later) I tried it in the Pe2_205. It worked in Free Flight and I ran the mission via MB and gue what? She worked!

    Thanks again! Moving on...


    Kdriver: Thank you too.
    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    Donít forget to gas it up or it might crash again halfway through a mission . Now would be a good time to change the fluids and spark plugs before uploading it.

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    This is the 40's ol buddy. When I pull into a gas station, a guy runs out (rain or shine), fills me up, washes my windshield and asks if I want my oil checked too. Too bad we have ration cards due to the war.


    "Beta testers
    "? We don't got no beta testers! We don't need no stinking beta testers!! (I asked for volunteers, but no one came forward.) If there are omissions or errors, I'm sure the first down loaders will inform me. I will get my ground crew on them right away.

    Admittedly, my later missions are better than the first two sets. I had to relearn some of the MB tricks and learned to employ some new ones along the way. You folks' assistance and advice was spread over many months. Some newer weapons, scenery objects and vehicle downloads that I employed, weren't out yet when I started work on this project. Those are the main reasons I am going over the first 80+ missions so intensively. Just to be sure of things like my problematic Pe-2 are resolved before I publish

    .Cheers to all:

    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    Iíve no doubt you did a fine job and even if something is off and needs redone with the size of the mission I would say it wouldnít be anytime be ashamed about. Microsoft made their fair share of blunders and got paid for it so weíre only human. I think you started on that before I came on board or Iíd probably would have offered to help out. Really ration? The Soviet Military was rationed by the government for fuel? We did the citizens but thatís so the military could use all it needed to so no problem for them. The Germans would have won if I couldnít get any fuel to intercept them if I already used my allotment of fuel up.

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    All the Pe-2 missions are working and re-tested. I have about 12 more missions to test, then upload should be about a day later.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails cfs2 2023-03-28 23-02-08-31.jpg   Pe2-2.jpg   Pe2-1.jpg  
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Wolf 07 View Post
    All the Pe-2 missions are working and re-tested. I have about 12 more missions to test, then upload should be about a day later.
    The release will probably have yo be postponed. I've had a death in the family - my sister. I am still, but slower, working on test flying the last of these missions.
    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    So sorry to hear SW, horrible news. Take care of the family man.

    Thought are with you.

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    Hey man thatís bad news and Iím so sorry your sister passed away. Iíve only one sibling a sister but Iím so far away from my family . Anyway your family comes before we do so take all the time you need and Iíll try holding the fort down by cracking a few jokes etc to keep them entertained until you can give them what they want.

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    Thanks or the condolences buddies. But this is not really the place. I'm still in the air, doing my thing as a diversion. Here, in the skies over Kharkov, Rogan' airfield, a major dogfight. One burst = one kill:




    Keep the jokes coming...
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    Someone bring the hotdogs and marshmallows!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Rogan'-4.jpg  
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    Wow that looks to big and hot to pee on so might as well roast a pig or something

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    I think ChatGPT bot or whatever it is went to a different history class than I did but anyway while we wait here is the battle of Kursk according to my new friend.


    It was the summer of 1943, and the battle of Kursk was raging on the ground. But up in the sky, a different kind of battle was taking place Ė one that would forever be known as the aerial dogfight between the bikini clad Russians and the bikini clad Germans.
    The Russians, determined to protect their homeland, had recruited the most fearless and skilled female pilots they could find. These women, known as the Night Witches, were trained to fly the Yakovlev Yak-9 fighter planes and were known for their daring night raids.
    Meanwhile, the Germans had a secret weapon of their own Ė a squadron of female pilots who were just as fearless and deadly as the Russians. These women, known as the Valkyries, flew Messerschmitt Me-109s and Focke-Wulf Fw-190s and had been trained by the best pilots in the Luftwaffe.
    On the morning of July 5th, the two sides finally met in the skies above Kursk. The Germans had the advantage of altitude, having climbed above the Russians before the fight began. But the Russians were fighters to the core and refused to back down.
    The aerial battle was fierce and intense, with planes swooping and diving, bullets whizzing by, and missiles exploding all around them. The women of both sides were fearless, their courage and determination driving them forward no matter the cost.
    For hours the battle raged on, and it seemed like neither side would come out on top. But just when it looked like the Germans were gaining the upper hand, the Russians came up with a daring plan.
    They flew in close formation, using their Yak-9s to shield themselves from the German fighters. Then, all at once, the Night Witches broke formation, diving towards the German planes and opening fire with their cannons.
    The Valkyries were caught off guard and were quickly overwhelmed by the Russian onslaught. Plane after plane fell from the sky, their pilots ejected or perishing in the flames.
    By the end of the battle, the skies above Kursk were thick with smoke and debris. But the Russians had emerged victorious, having defeated the German forces and protected their homeland from invasion.
    And though the battle had been brutal, the bravery and skill of the women who had fought it would long be remembered by their comrades and their countrymen alike.

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    Thanks for the story, Deathwind. I had hoped there was enough specific info about their exploits to include the "Night Witches" in a mission or two here. but my reference book only mentions them fleetingly. I thought they only flew harassment missions like "Washing Machine Charlie" in the PTO. I never knew they also flew fighter vs fighter missions as well. Yak-9s? Damn!!

    I am working on finishing up these re-tests to put my mind in a different state. I learned yesterday that my beloved cousin (we were like brothers) also crossed over. I am shocked and sad, but the old soldier in me tells me to drive on.
    Gotta keep busy or I'll go mad...

    Oh, and my cataract surgery, scheduled for Monday morning has been postponed. It seems the anesthesiologist wants my cardiologist to clear me for the procedure. Let's just say I have a lot going on right now.

    I Have a few more Il-2 and some Yak-7 and La-5 missions to do, then I'll work on pulling it all together for uploading. It looks like 2, maybe 3 more days... I have n overpowering need to low shtuff up!
    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    Yes the Night Witches existed but that story of bikini glad fighters is just that a story not reality. They were brave women who worked at night normally in surprise bombing attacks of great risk but no bikini clash that lasted for hours without running out of gas is noted in my history book.

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    I read in my book that in one encounter a Sov pilot shot up and rammed a Nazi fighter. Both planes managed to land, but when the German ace checked out the Soviet aviator, he found that she was dead.
    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Wolf 07 View Post
    I read in my book that in one encounter a Sov pilot shot up and rammed a Nazi fighter. Both planes managed to land, but when the German ace checked out the Soviet aviator, he found that she was dead.
    who was that the White Rose

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    Great story there Deathwind. I knew only that female pilots were used in both Germany and Russia for many hazardous missions, but had no idea they ever met in battle.

    Tough ladies.

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    Thanks but the first story is fictional. The night witchís were not fighter pilots but made bombing runs often near suicidal type missions but often they made it as they were good at surprise attacks after dark. Pilots were in high demand and only a few women became fighter pilots. Most other women worked as Night Witches or lesser roles such as transport or delivery of aircraft from one location to the next.

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    Damn, couldn't wait to tell the wife that story DW! Enjoyed the yarn anyway. 😃

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoobyman32 View Post
    Damn, couldn't wait to tell the wife that story DW! Enjoyed the yarn anyway. 
    Iím sure she didnít believe those bikini clad pilots could have existed long enough to engage in combat because they would all have frozen to death if they didnít dress more appropriately than that.

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    The Soviet Red Bikini Unit was a fighter squadron made up entirely of young, beautiful female pilots. They had all been handpicked for their skill and bravery in the air, but they were also known for their striking blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.
    As the Battle of Kursk raged on in the summer of 1943, the Red Bikini Unit was called into action. Their sleek, red-painted Yak-1 fighters roared into the sky, weaving in and out of formations of German planes with deadly precision.
    Despite the danger, the women of the Red Bikini Unit remained calm and focused. They were determined to defend their homeland and take down as many German planes as possible.
    As the battle ground on, the Red Bikini Unit proved to be a formidable force. They shot down plane after plane, always staying one step ahead of the enemy. Their planes were nimble and quick, able to dodge and weave through enemy fire with ease.
    But even as they fought bravely, the women of the Red Bikini Unit never forgot their femininity. They wore their namesake red bikinis underneath their flight suits, a symbol of their defiance against the brutal war raging around them.
    In the end, the Battle of Kursk was a turning point in the war on the Eastern Front. The Red Bikini Unit played a crucial role in the Soviet victory, and their bravery and sacrifice would never be forgotten.
    Years later, the Red Bikini Unit would become legends in their own right. Their story inspired a generation of young women, reminding them of the power and strength that comes with being a woman in a world dominated by men.

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