Swapping 2D cockpits
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Thread: Swapping 2D cockpits

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    Swapping 2D cockpits

    Hi guys. I downloaded the overhauled F3F-3 Wildcat and F4F-4 Wildcat aircraft by the B24 guy. The F3F-3 has a superb revamped 2D cockpit which is almost 3D! but the F4F-4 cockpit seems to have the default 2D cockpit. My question is can the revamped F3F-3 2D cockpit be swapped for the new F4F-4 2D cockpit? If so how is this done. Any advice would be appreciated as I really love the re-worked F3F-3 cockpit.

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    Save the Panel folder of the A/C you don't want to use (rename it Panelold), then copy and paste the Panel folder from the one that you like.

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    Swapping 2D Cockpits

    Thanks for the advice. Ridiculously easy and worked like a dream!

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