MAV unmirrored Ford Trimotor CFS2 UT
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Thread: MAV unmirrored Ford Trimotor CFS2 UT

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    And Now For Sumthin Totally Different.....

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    A demirrored FS2004 stock Ford Trimotor?

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    If you're going to release a demirrored FS9 Ford Trimotor please be aware that there are lots of texture mirror issues besides the fuselage.

    The elevators + horizontal stabs don't have a top + bottom side (makes camo paint impossible).
    The wing textures need demirroring, otherwise reg numbers + underwing serial numbers can't be painted.
    The VC view uses the wing texture on the _c1 bitmap, which uses the same part of the bitmap for both the upper + lower surface of the wing (again makes camo paint impossible).
    I think you know how I found this out ...

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    Really???...... it was only 2 hours... the fuselage is in one material list so had to be split into two halves to makeup the separate texture.... wings and surface were easy.... elevators still to do..... but wings do have a top and bottom.

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    I just knew you'd be way ahead of me on this, but thought I should chip in with what I had found out when I tried to paint up this ...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ford_Trimotor_RAAF42a.jpg   Ford_Trimotor_RAAF42b.jpg   Ford_Trimotor_RAAF42c.jpg  

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    Redid the thing from the start ... this time from the left.... still have the same results... only thing is .... it's multilod as well ,5 lods in all... funny how i never knew this about default fs9 models ,being loded???..... think the main model is demirrored ... still fs9 version have'nt converted to cfs2 model.... just the surfaces have to be done....

    Post latest screen shot ... when i get up.

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    Fixed doh section al good!!!!

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    Anybody know how to get this into gmax or fsds to re map.... not for me to do.


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    I know you can use ModelconverterX to export a 3ds file. I can remap that in GMax - but - the export will destroy any animation & I haven't any skills (yet) in creating animations in GMax. So the resulting mdl or bgl file would not have any animations. Can you reinstate the animations afterwards using scasm?

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    No animations are lost.... just i'm getting a little tired of splitting material lists.... it the last of the de mirroring.

    Cheers mav

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    Gold mine resupply, PNG during the 1930's ...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ford_Trimotor_VH-USXd.jpg   Ford_Trimotor_VH-USXc.jpg   Ford_Trimotor_VH-USXa.jpg  

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    Nicely done. The Ford Trimotor was always a striking aircraft to witness; I actually got to fly in one at OshKosh about five years of the thrills of my life!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 13613230_10202191466585311_3909036055290736164_o.jpg   13640827_10202191457545085_3416662474595169280_o.jpg   13662236_10202191504706264_3378835125236168182_o.jpg   13667868_10202191453904994_160339928906515164_o.jpg   13667933_10202191500946170_5073686242785901004_o.jpg   13765781_10202191449544885_2207590563324214986_o.jpg  


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    Beautiful work Mav & UT - thanks very much!

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    Ford Trimotor in some different threads ...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ford_Trimotor_USMC29j.jpg   Ford_Trimotor_RAF40a.jpg   Ford_Trimotor_CNAC37a.jpg   Ford_Trimotor_VH-USXg.jpg  

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    Niiiiice..... unmirrored skins....

    Y'know this is just a bus with wings right???

    Cheers mav

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    Quote Originally Posted by mav View Post
    Y'know this is just a bus with wings right???
    Like most airliners.

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    MAV unmirrored Ford Trimotor CFS2 UT

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Aircraft - American

    Description: MAV unmirrored Ford Trimotor for CFS2 by UncleTgt

    This is a revamp of the default FS9 Ford Trimotor for CFS2.

    Due to the complex nature of the revision this is uploaded as a complete aircraft, but the design credit lies mainly with MAV, who did the scasm work to demirror the default FS9 trimotor model.

    The original model has been converted for use in CFS 2, with g_lightstates & crashchecks removed, so it will work in both Free Flight and Quick Combat. Both glossy & dull mdls are supplied to better depict the polished alum & later camouflage painted finishes used by these aircraft.

    A new airfile has been developed, & the dp file also has been developed with more visible damage effects, utilising cargo & CASEVAC payloads (included). It makes use of kelticheart's exhaust effects.

    The 2D panel bitmap has been made WIN 7+ friendly.

    The textures supplied are:

    A45-1 Used by the RAAF for CASEVAC flights between Port Moresby & Myola Lakes during 1942

    VH-USX Used by Guinea Airways to support Gold Mining operations around Wau. Based at Lae, it was destroyed there by the Japanese attack in March '42

    8273 USMC aircraft used in Nicaragua during 1929

    "23" Kunming One of several trimotors used by the Chinese during the 1930s

    X5000 Impressed RAF aircraft, used by 271 sqn for transport & evacuation flights to Norway & the Dunkirk perimeter during 1940.

    To install, unzip the download to a temporary location & move/ copy files to the matching folder names inside your chosen CFS 2 install.

    Thanks to

    Kelticheart for his exhaust effects & prop bitmaps.
    MAV for the scasm work to demirror the default FS9 trimotor model
    Allen for his Making Exploding Objects using FS2002 Tools & Tutorial
    Arno Gerretsen for ModelconverterX & FXeditor, such clever & versatile tools

    This is freeware and subject to the usual conditions

    JAN 2022

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit MAV unmirrored Ford Trimotor CFS2 UT
    The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.

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    This is great! Thank you UT.

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    Many thanks fellas,

    Great scasm work, nice one Mav

    And UT for some beautiful skins.



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    Am impressive job UT and Mav !!!

    Captain Kurt
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    Well done!
    Corrugated Iron is so versatile.

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    Nice work!!
    "Let Being Helpful Be More Important Than Being Right!" Some SOH Founder.

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    Lovely work and a very interesting skin selection. Thanks UT and Mav!

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    Great work on a fantastic plane!!!
    Congrats Mav and UT

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