Missing pylons, and drop tanks
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Thread: Missing pylons, and drop tanks

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    Missing pylons, and drop tanks

    Hi anyone know where I can find the following missing parts from downloaded aircraft here.

    wep_dp_p47_75gal drop9p
    drop_tank_50gal (Curtiss P-40E)

    I just don't understand why aircraft are made available to download with parts missing and no information where to find them! (please don't take this as a derogatory comment I fully appreciate the time and trouble people take to create these marvelous expansions).

    On reflection I think it may just be missing mdl names but since I don't know the text lines I can't add them. The drop tanks appear to be available as they come up in the weapons list in the sim.

    Also in the Brewster the aircraft loads but a library message pops up with 'can't find raf_pilot' even though this shows up in the cockpit after loading in the sim!
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