AH announces Avro Lancaster
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Thread: AH announces Avro Lancaster

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    AH announces Avro Lancaster


    I am very hopeful that AH release the DC-3 before the Avro!
    Presumably, the WWise experience picked up tuning the DC-3 sound will help with the Avro's.
    There appears to be a fascination within AH for ammunition.
    Have a look at a December 27, 2021 AH Facebook post featuring the P-51, & one of the Avro pics, both show nicely detailed ammo.
    The Avro also has coverage on the AH Facebook page

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    Oooh very good news! Looking forward to the DC3 but a Lanc is gonna be a must-buy!
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    excellent news, I loved their Lanc in P3D, this will probably be even better
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    Mosquito please! It would be much more fun.
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    I wonder what it's like at 60ft.....

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    Check it out here:

    edit: hope you have a suitable voice for the co-pilot ...

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