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    Flakalley YouTube

    Found this on youtube... been watching this and really found it interesting and entertaining.


    Cheers mav

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    Incredible story! I can't remember where I read it or who said it but I remember reading one pilot's opinion..."If you want to get the girls, fly a P-51. But if you want to get home, fly a thunderbolt".

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    That should not be physically possible. Must have had a guardian angle holding that half wing up.

    Captain Kurt
    "Fly, you fools!" Gandalf the Gray

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    I dug into this story a bit further. Apparently, it's a true story but somewhat exaggerated Evidently, he lost only about 4 Ft (about 21%) of his left wing from the tip inwards but not half as the story suggests. Considering the single wing length from fuselage to wingtip is 18.25 Ft, he would still have 14 Ft of wing, about 2/3 of his left aileron and all of his left flap. He probably had to hold the stick at about 20% right to keep it level though. Definitely plausible but also incredible piloting skill.

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