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    Port Moresby - Kokoda Scenery UT

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Scenery Add-Ons

    Description: Port Moresby & kokoda Scenery for CFS2 by UncleTgt

    This is a reworking of the stock sceneries for the Port Moresby area at the SE end of PNG. It is designed for use with Rhumbas mesh, but the scenery excludes provided should mean this works well in a stock mesh install too.
    This scenery builds on & extends the areas covered in my previous Solomon Sea, Milne Bay & Buna-Dobodurasceneries, but it should work as a stand-alone scenery as well.

    New Ground2K scenery for each, including fringing reefs.
    New airbase scenery, made using FSSC.
    New gsl infrastructure.
    New custom Landclass & Waterclass.
    Some simple missions using the stock F4U-1A Corsair for viewing the gsl airbases & scenery

    The sceneries are as developed during early-1943, & the gsl reflects this.

    Known conflicts:

    Installing this scenery pack will require the archiving of some the airbases from Maskrider's Papua New Guinea scenery, & Pen32win's AF_Papua New Guinea scenery.

    As I did with the Dobodura area bases, I decided to model each runway separately, & went for a more spartan early '43 appearance, mainly to keep the object count manageable! The advantage of this approach is I could put each runway at an altitude to match the mesh better.

    PNG_3-mile Kila, PNG_5-mile Wards, PNG_7-mile Jackson, PNG_12-mile Berry, PNG_14-mile Schwimmer & PNG_17-mile Durand bgls all replaced with new airstrips.

    PNG_Myola_Dry_Lake_GSL & PNG_Kokoda_GSL bgls are replaced by new airstrips.

    Kokoda_Track_Set_1 & 2 - these are small sceneries depicting part of the Kokoda Track. Some of the GSL scenery gobs included here supercede this bgl.

    Installing this scenery pack

    The G2K scenery included in this package requires copying contents of your scenedb/world/texture folder to your main CFS2 texture folder. (see SECTION A: TEXTURE PREPARATION)

    1. Highlight all files in your SCENDEB/WORLD/TEXTURE folder
    2. Copy and paste them to your main CFS2/TEXTURE folder
    3. If asked to overwrite click “no”
    4. Hi-lite all files in the PortMoresby_Kokoda_UT/TEXTURE folder
    5. Copy and paste them to your main CFS2/TEXTURE folder
    6. If asked to overwrite click “no”.
    7. Highlight all files in the PortMoresby_Kokoda_UT/SCENDEB/WORLD/TEXTURE folder
    8. Copy and paste them to your your CFS2/SCENDEB/WORLD/TEXTURE folder
    9. If asked to overwrite click “no”

    12. Drop the folder "SWPTO_Islands_UT", "SWPTO_Reefs_UT", "SWPTO_River_Deltas_UT" & "SWPTO_Excludes_UT" into your main CFS2 folder, or wherever you pull your add-on scenery from. Note: If these folders already exist, because you already have my Solomon Sea/Milne Bay scenery installed, then simply copy the contents & if asked to overwrite click "yes" - this pack has the latest version of these files.
    13. Next, drop the content of the gsl folder along with GSLMan.exe into your CFS2/GSL folder. If asked to over write click “Yes”.
    14. Make a back-up copy of your current cfs2.gsl file. Its OK to leave it in the GSL folder- just rename it.
    15. Open GSLMan.exe from inside your CFS2/GSL folder.
    16. From the "Available Custom Gobs" list hi-light the gsl version you want. "AB" is the air facilities only, "full" includes eye-candy. Select the PortMoresby_UT (full or AB).gsl & click the "ADD" button.
    17. Wait until GSLMan.exe says it's thru then…
    18. Close GSLMan.


    (NOT REQUIRED IF MY SOLOMON SEA scenery is already activated in CFS 2 & you added these new files to the relevant folder contents)

    20. Activate the "SWPTO_Excludes_UT" scenery. Put this low down in your Library listing, just above the "Runways" (stock runways layer)is a good location.
    21. Activate your "SWPTO_Islands_UT" scenery. This can be quite high in the listing, way above any mesh, watermasks or exclude layers, BUT CERTAINLY ABOVE the "SWPTO_Excludes_UT" layer! I put my G2K sceneries below the "Airport Facilities Data" layer.
    22. Activate your "SWPTO_Reefs_UT" scenery. This needs to sit above the "SWPTO_Islands_UT" layer. You may see unusual display effects if this sits below the "SWPTO_Islands_UT" layer.
    23. Activate your "SWPTO_River_Deltas_UT" scenery. This needs to sit above the "SWPTO_Reefs_UT" layer. As above, you may see unusual display effects if this layer ordering is not followed.

    The screengrab of my own Scenery Library order is included in this zip & should help with clarification.

    The scenery is installed.

    NOTE: To make the runways available in MB enter the runway entries listed in the PortMoresby_Kokoda_UT/airbase_entries.txt file into your airbases.dat file which can be found in your CFS2/INFO folder. Be sure to back up your current airbases.dat file first.

    Thanks to:
    Jean Bomber for his inspiration, advice & support. He talked me through getting to grips with G2K & more…
    Maskrider for all his airbase packages & the blended airbase tutorial. This set the standard for airbase sceneries for the game.
    Rhumbaflappy for the new more accurate world mesh – it was a desire to make best use of this development that is the driver for many of my scenery projects. He also developed the vtp1 fixer programme to fix display errors in vtp bgls compiled from Ground2K.
    GavinC for his reworking of the stock airbases, making individual base reworking/ revision much easier
    Shessi for his water textures, that were the inspiration for my reworking of Jimkos Pacific Blues, & indirectly lead me to develop this latest set of water textures.
    Lindsay Watt for all of his scenery objects & innovations.
    Wolfi for his scenery objects.
    Xavier for all his scenery objects & airbase sceneries, opening up a larger world for us all to fly in
    Martin Wright for all the various software tools that are so useful!
    Russell Dirks for his EZ landclass programme, making large scale land/ water class adjustments possible
    Christian Fumey for his excl8 & Ground2K programmes, making the creation of completely new scenery possible for CFS2.

    JAN 2022

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Port Moresby - Kokoda Scenery UT
    The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.

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    Captain Kurt
    "Fly, you fools!" Gandalf the Gray

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    Ooooh Boy!

    Been waiting for this. Going to get it, but first, thanks again. Can't say it enough.

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    Wow, thank you!
    I´ll explore the new scnerywhen I hae finished testing the Cactus missions.

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    Many Thanks John for the magnificent scenery and object pack!!!!

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    What a phenomenal treat this is! Thank you!

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    Many thanks UT for the fantastic scenery, that screenie is superb...who'd thunk that's CFS2!

    Especially like the blended in airfield.



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    Cheers guys, it's nice to be appreciated.

    Mark, that screengrab actually has 3 separate airstrips in it. We're just West of 17 mile Durand (in the foreground), & behind we have 14 mile Schwimmer (to the left) & 12 mile Berry (to the right). Out of shot to the right is 7 mile Jackson & 5 mile Ward 'dromes. Port Moresby was a busy little place during '43!

    I'm using FSMetars to provide some realistic visibility & cloud layering up into the Owen Stanley's to the East ...

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    Eye popper! I may try to get it installed after mission testing. If I remember to.

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    First of all many thanks to uncle Tgt for its many wonderful addon to CFS2, that is still the best WW2 Aircombat Sim despite its age.
    Having quickly installed the PM Kokoda scenery I enjoy a replay of 'in defense os Australia' but have something strange when loading.
    It says that the object 'hasty_log_barricade_ut' is missing. Nothing else.
    Since nobody else mentionned it, this is just me that miss it, but cannot find where it is, despite the re-loading of all the addons mentionned.
    I surely goofed sometimes somewhere...
    So would somebody be kind enough to let me now wher to find it?

    Thanks in advance

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    Left my log obstacles off the scenery objects download list. This should get you to it:


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    Hi UncleTgt
    Really great add-on.
    Love your work
    Who said a draw was boring. Day 5 was rivetting.
    Off to Hobart for the next match.
    Great vista at Bellerive, but can be a bit fresh if a southerly is blowing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UncleTgt View Post

    Left my log obstacles off the scenery objects download list. This should get you to it:


    Super! Many thanks Uncle (like in the TV?)

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    Thanks a many many and a whole lot more ! Your definition , The Man from U.N.C.L.E.-
    that show from years ago !

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    Now Moresby really does look like something. Great work John! Along with the rest of your work this makes the SWPTO so realistic. Love the reefs, particularly the one in Fairfax harbour.

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    Beaufighters back at Wards after attacking landing barges at Buna.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Beaufighters Ward.jpg  

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    Many thanks, UncleTgt, for this.

    It revives instantly the happy hours playing the DoA campaign back then. Will install it as soon as possible!

    Much appreciated


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    Outstanding work on this; your instructions could start their own library! Well done!

    "Me? I'm just a Sea of Tranquility in an Ocean of Storms, babe."

    My campaign site: http://www.box.net/shared/0k1e1rz29h
    My missions site: http://www.box.net/shared/ueh4kazk3v
    My scenery site: http://www.box.net/shared/knb1l0ztobhs2esb14rb

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    Thank you!

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