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    Building Object Repaints UT

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Scenery - Library objects

    Description: Building Textures for CFS2 by UncleTgt

    This is a set of replacement textures for most of the buildings used in FCS2. I wanted to improve the sharpness & clarity of a lot of the buildings I could see in the Sim, without destroying the look & feel. Examining the texture bitmaps in the SCENEDB/inf?texture folder, I could see a lot of them were quite small, & extensive use was made of alpha channel transparencies.

    After some experimentation, I found that in most cases a simple doubling in size, & some image sharpening was all that was needed to dramtically improve the appearance in the sim. Now we have much more powerful PC hardware in use, it doesn't seem to adversely affect loading or rendering times at all.

    For some others, I have extensively reworked the originals, adding texture details whilst for the most part retaining the same look & feel.

    Xavier's warehouses used a variety of source textures & involved significant stretching & distortion in parts, so they needed a little more work. I changed their look to a pre-fab tin sheet exterior, that I felt was more in keeping with the period. No more singling out those warehouses because of their pale white & buff coloured roofs! We probably need some newer storehouse bgls ...

    At this stage I've not reworked any of the AF buildings, being largely satified with their "SWPTO" appearance. Maybe at some point in the future ...

    To install, unzip the download to a temporary location & move/ copy files to the matching folder names inside your chosen CFS 2 install.

    Thanks to

    Martin Wright for DXTbmp, where would we be without it ...
    Arno Gerretsen for ModelconverterX, such a clever & versatile tool
    Xavier, Wolfi, Maskrider, Lindsay Watt, Pen32win & all the other original scenery object designers. I'm just slapping on some new paint over their original work.

    This is freeware and subject to the usual conditions

    JAN 2022

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Building Object Repaints UT
    The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.

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    Thanks, very nice John, as said things like this seem simple but takes time and adds to the overall feel of the sim....

    I think that the standard tex for small objects were done in 128x, 256x, and 512x, and smaller, as pc's then couldn't cope and storage wasn't as big. It would be interesting to take a vanilla game and convert all the texs into 512 min and bigger, and see what total size it makes it, and if it has any hit at all on the sim?



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    These look very nich, Unclw Tgt, thank you!

    I will try them out as soon as possible.

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    Thanks UT. The look and colonial feel of the buildings is really enhanced.

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    Beauty! These will see a lot of use I am sure.

    Captain Kurt
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    Didn't see them too. Many thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Kurt View Post
    Beauty! These will see a lot of use I am sure.
    Yes, they will! Thank you, Maestro UT!
    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    Many thanks for these texture and model improvements, they look great!

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    Very nice textures, Thanks John

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