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    Multiplayer Server?

    Guess I missed the memo, but has the server been taken down?
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    It was, but then it was restored on another machine...

    But.. it may be subject to DD26's internet capability which has been known to be flaky.. I see it's generating a 404 error message as of a minute ago.
    PM sent to dave.
    Looks like both the .net server and FSHost have gone walkabout.

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    FSHost should be working but I can't check right now. The server is running at

    The IP address is

    JoinFS I had to take off line. It constantly uses all my bandwidth on my network even with no one connected. When it runs I can't do anything on the internet.

    I asked my ISP for the upgrade but they have not responded to my request. That tells me they still can't do it on the tower I connect to.

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