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    Gaucho panels

    Hi Gaucho,

    Couldyou send me the following panels ? :

    1. Wellington
    2. Ju 88 A & R
    3. Fiat Cr 42
    4. PBY Catalina
    5. Beaufort
    6. Hand on joistick” gauges already modified

    Allwith yoke

    I asked them some time ago ( November 1st 2015 ) but ......
    nothing happened !!!

    Myemail is :

    Thanksa lot

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    I haven't seen Gaucho_59 around here in awhile. I looked for any of his panels for you, with no joy. I tried Simviation also with no luck. Maybe a archive search somewhere will help you. Happy hunting.

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    Fibber ....

    the last intervention I know of Gaucho_59 , was in the Thread: Ki-84 Hayate-7 released by AcWai - August30th, 2021

    in each panel it is indicated to contact Gaucho (the panel is Available as usual...)
    but this seems impossible !!!!

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