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    I need help!

    I just got a new computer and I need to install FSDS on it however I down loaded V2 and V3.5 so no disks. I have tried copy them to the new computer, but they don't work. Does anyone have a solution or know where I can get them now?

    David Wooster

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    Use REGEDIT (see jpg file) to search for FSDESIGN until you find these folders under Abacus in the old PC.

    Right clicked on the FSdesign2 folder to export a registry key (FSDS2.reg) file.

    Now copy the FSDS2 or 3 folders from the old PC to the exact location on the new PC. Copy the the new reg files to the desktop of the new PC.

    Clicked on the file FSDS2.reg to update the information to the new PC. Repeat the same procedures for FSDS3.

    You will need to go to Martin Wright website (he has broken the FSDS2 program) to download this patch.

    I live in Tucson too! You can send me your private email with your phone number if you need more help.
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    thank you


    thank you for the information. I should have looked before asking for help i do have the disks for V2 and V3. However, V2 will not run on the new computer but i did get V3 installed successfully. now to get FS9 to run. If not successful, this headache of a computer will go back and stick with the old one.

    thanks again

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    thank you

    thank you for the help but still have problems I give up the computer is going back the computer i have is still works really don't need a new computer

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