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    Pfalz DXII early

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    Description: Pfalz D.XII early production

    The Pfalz D.XII was a good aircraft, but it was not as maneuverable as the Fokker D.VII. Thanks to its sturdy wing and thin airfoil section, the D.XII maintained the excellent high-speed dive characteristics of the earlier Pfalz D.III. Like most scouts of the era, however, the D.XII had an abrupt stall and a pronounced tendency to spin. Contemporary pilots consistently criticized the D.XII for its long takeoff run and "clumsy" handling qualities in the air, but consistently compared it against the Fokker D.VII. Rate of roll, in particular, appears to have been deficient. Landings were difficult because the D.XII tended to float above the ground, and the landing gear was weak. Ground crews disliked the extensive wire bracing that accompanied the two-bay wing, again comparing it to the Fokker D.VII which didn't have them. However, it was an improvement over the Albatros D.V and Pfalz D.III which still equipped a number of Jastas and did provide good service. When it was equipped with comparable engines, the Pfalz D.XII could out climb, out dive and was faster than the Fokker D.VII.

    Between 750 and 800 D.XII scouts had been completed by the Armistice. Early production aircraft had a squared off fin and rudder which lacked enough control authority. It isn't known how many were delivered to front line Jastas with the early configuration as it was was soon replaced in production with a rounded fin and rudder.


    The model, textures. panel and air files are by Captain Kurt. The pilot figures were developed from Wolfi's freeware Japanese pilot .fsc source file. The prop spinning texture is by Kelticheart.

    Gauges are by Martin Klein with texture change outs by Captain Kurt.

    Sound is from the SG Fokker DVII

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    Still amazed at your rate of output and excellence Kurt.

    Many thanks for all these beautiful biplanes!

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    Amazing job, thank you for all of your hard work on this!

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    Thank you!!!

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