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Description: This is an overhaul of the original pack originally released for FS9/FSX. This package has been retrofit to make use of P3Dv4+ texture enhancements such as PBR. I have also overhauled the flight dynamics, sounds, and added several new model configurations with the assistance of tankgerguy72 (the original model creator) to add 4 additional model configurations and 4 additional repaints for those new models. For a total of 5 models and 8 repaints. The "Super" Privateer had better clean performance than a stock PB4Y-2 Privateer used by the USN or USCG. The stock engines were removed along with unnecessary parts and equipment not used in firefighting. The engines were replaced with surplus B-25 Mitchell engines. Resulting in a lower weight and added horsepower. The Super Privateers flew with 2,000 gallons of retardant aboard. Liveries represented are Hawkins & Powers T-121-127 and T&G T-C30. This aircraft is only compatible in P3Dv4 and above. Modifications by Nicholas Mitchell "Scorch00" and Jeremy Ulloa "tankerguy72"

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