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Description: Wide screen Panels in XML for the Tupolev Tu-114 Rossiya - originally by Samdim Design 2004, and Adapted for FSX by Branislav Jansik 2010.

Original readme's and Manual included, even a genuine pilot's flight manual [in Russian].

When you first load the plane you'll be asked to accept 2 Gaus for onboard sounds/converstions.

All Panels are from photographs so are visually about as accurate as you can get in 2560x1440 Resolution wide screen. Pilot seat view, Navigator's view, and 'Jump Seat' view which shows both pilot and copilot together with functioning gauges.

There are smoke effects for all 8 exhausts, complete with flame/sparks...all managed by N1 speeds ...and if you shut down an engine....the exhaust also ceases [as it should].

This is actually the whole aircraft...with 6 paints - 2 real ones, [including the Prototype], and a few 'fun' ones [Qantas/RAAF]. They were originally done 7 years ago...to high resolution and with metallic shine, but I updated them again...gave the windows a better look/detail. It's not FSX Native but it'll do in a pinch...

Any queries...I can be found at SOH [only place I upload to] or email pmar4984@bigpond.net.au

Cheers, Paul [JAFO]

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