M2M Mirage 2000 mouse issues
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Thread: M2M Mirage 2000 mouse issues

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    M2M Mirage 2000 mouse issues

    I only recently picked up the M2M Mirage 2000 and really like it, but my new Logitech mouse has different ideas.

    During my flights everything in the cockpit is clickable, but on occasion the clickspots and tool tips disappear. I can move the mouse around the cockpit, but often have to change views to get things working again. Sometimes. After my last landing I couldn't shut anything down 'cause the friggin' mouse could not find the "clickspots." And of course, I don't have an issue with any other aircraft so its not a global issue.

    Any ideas what's going on? Any keystrokes for getting the "clickspots" working again. Got me baffled.
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