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    Operation Dragoon

    Hi all:

    Back at the end of last month, I started work on a new campaign - the invasion of southern France, Aug 15th 1944. It is moving along nicely. I have 18 missions so far almost completed and I anticipate about 10 more. The campaign is built on a Rhumbaflappy MTO install.

    The historical record, or what I could find, gives little account of the air action. :banghead: Because of that, none of them are historical but match up well with the daily ground combat record. My missions comprise: Close Air Support (CAS) Cap and search and destroy. The Campaign is strictly from the Allied side and the player will be flying either an F6F-5, F6f-5N or a TBF off the USS Tulagi CVE. I am trying to put the last few missions together together to cover Aug 19 thru 22, when the Tulagi's Task Group was withdrawn in favor of land base air forces.

    I need to go back and do an invasion support mission for the landings (a major pain in my 6 with all the landing craft), and a later railroad attack mission and 1 or 2 more Search and Destroy missions. There are very few intercept and just 3 CAP missions. German air assets at this time and location were sparse, but I managed to put a few 109s and 190s in the air for you hard cor fighter pilots. :applause: Rami told me he always wanted to match up Hellcats with FW-190s. Wish granted! :wavey:

    I will be posting updates and screenshots here regularly. But first let me ask: Do any of you have any info on the air war over this front? I could surely use it. If things and life go as they have, I should publish the campaign some time in October.

    taking off from a CVE with a full weapons load, at the CVE max speed of 16 knots, even with a 10-12 knot headwind is a challenge. You can see how low my Avenger went in the attached screenshot. :wiggle:


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