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    Operation Dragoon

    Hi all:

    Back at the end of last month, I started work on a new campaign - the invasion of southern France, Aug 15th 1944. It is moving along nicely. I have 18 missions so far almost completed and I anticipate about 10 more. The campaign is built on a Rhumbaflappy MTO install.

    The historical record, or what I could find, gives little account of the air action. :banghead: Because of that, none of them are historical but match up well with the daily ground combat record. My missions comprise: Close Air Support (CAS) Cap and search and destroy. The Campaign is strictly from the Allied side and the player will be flying either an F6F-5, F6f-5N or a TBF off the USS Tulagi CVE. I am trying to put the last few missions together together to cover Aug 19 thru 22, when the Tulagi's Task Group was withdrawn in favor of land base air forces.

    I need to go back and do an invasion support mission for the landings (a major pain in my 6 with all the landing craft), and a later railroad attack mission and 1 or 2 more Search and Destroy missions. There are very few intercept and just 3 CAP missions. German air assets at this time and location were sparse, but I managed to put a few 109s and 190s in the air for you hard cor fighter pilots. :applause: Rami told me he always wanted to match up Hellcats with FW-190s. Wish granted! :wavey:

    I will be posting updates and screenshots here regularly. But first let me ask: Do any of you have any info on the air war over this front? I could surely use it. If things and life go as they have, I should publish the campaign some time in October.

    taking off from a CVE with a full weapons load, at the CVE max speed of 16 knots, even with a 10-12 knot headwind is a challenge. You can see how low my Avenger went in the attached screenshot. :wiggle:


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    Shadow Wolf,

    Talon did missions for Operation Dragoon for CFS3 ETO many years ago,all based on historical fact.Here's the intel of 6 of the missions he did.You may have to change some of the times to fit CFS2 though.

    You fly an F6F-5 in all.


    We will be attacking Toulon and the Harbor shipping.There is an armor column in the area,this is your primary target.After it is destroyed you are to go after any shipping in the Harbor.

    There is no air opposition in the area.We are trying to stop any re-enforcements getting to the invasion beaches.



    Some enemy transports are trying to make their escape from Toulon. You are to attack and stop them.You will be flying a Hellcat but will be joined by Avengers.

    The German forces are retreating on all fronts and some of their shipping has taken flight.It is our job to stop anymore ships from escaping.



    Today you are to attack any enemy trains in the Marseille area and than attack the Marseille railyard.Your first target is a train headed for Marseille,be careful it's an ammo train.

    Over 150 enemy locomotives were attacked and either destroyed or damaged by the carrier planes.



    Today is one of the last day USS Tulagi is stationed off Southern France.Lt.Commander John H.Sandor leads a 4 plane flight of Hellcats on an armed recon by Lyon.Acompanying him are Lt.Rene E.Poucel,Ens.David E. Robinson and Ens. Archie R. Wood.During this flight they encounter enemy planes for the first time and attack JU-88's on an enemy airfield.

    3 He-111s were shot down and 2 JU-88s destroyed on the ground.USS Tulagi airmen shot down a total of 6 enemy aircraft during Operation Dragoon.



    The German's are in retreat as The Invasion has gone well.The roads in Southern France are jammed with German troop convoys and troops.Today you are to attack an enemy troop convoy as it retreats.Three JU-52's enter the area while you are attacking the enemy troops.

    Not only was the convoy destroyed but the 3 Ju-52's were shot down.In all the Tulagi air group shot down 6 enemy planes while covering the Invasion


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    Thank you, TheBookie! I'll try to work them in
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    Nice project! It will be a good addition to the MTO.

    Back in the days, I flew a CFS1 campaign depicting 'Operation Dragoon', in which you were flying a Hellcat. Good memories.


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    Observation-fighter squadron VOF-1 was the first USN air unit to be specially trained for spotting naval gunfire and for close support of ground forces. Its major contribution to Dragoon, though, was armed recon. Loaded with bombs and rockets, the Hellcats penetrated deep into the Rhone valley, laying waste to the retreating German columns.

    As for the A2A action, Wood and Olzewski each got two kills flying #8 depicted in the screens below.

    The first skin is by shieldsy 2001. The second is by Morton 2008.

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    Thanks bearcat241:

    I will keep them in mind when I do my next Search and Destroy mission. Good info. I'm currently testing the missions I've built and finishing up a rebuild of a Close Air Support mission. When I test fly it later, i will try to get some screenshots. I will try to incorporate Talon's missions described above by TheBookie.
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    Attacking Toulon

    Dawn, August 15th:

    I did 2 missions for this one: 1. no fighter opposition and 2. a 30% chance that a flight of 109s takes off from Istres airbase and intercepts. Both have a random chance of 1 or2 trains spawning and slightly different victory conditions. Player take off and the near dark visibility are tough.
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