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    Wtc 9/11

    Been 20 years since this terrible attack on the USA.I probably feel it more then most of you because I lost 2 people very close to me,my husband ( Don-Desperado ) and my brother in law ( Al-Talon ).Both were some of the first to respond and help from NJ.Some have asked,how did they get into NYC since it was basically locked down?I'm allowed to answer that now.They worked for the Government.They were both in the History channel documentry but they were cut out of it for our families safety.I have the clips they cut.I also have another video of them recovering bodies in the rubble.This was given to me in 2020 from Al's lawyer,he also gave me his journals.Horrifying stuff,I couldn't watch the whole video but read the journals.I now have a better understanding of what they both went through.They never talked about it.

    My husband passed in December 2002,15 months later from complications of the toxic air.Al passed in March 2015 from the same thing.I saw Al suffer so much for over 13 years but he never complained just lived life the way he wanted.If you noticed he really didn't say anything in the forums because he never wanted anyone to feel sorry for him.He only spoke about things if I started a thread about him.

    Never forget this day,a lot of innocent people lost their lives and even today and in the future will be lost because it.


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    My dear Hiede, having lost a son (age 39) to sickness brought on by his multiple tours to the Middle East, I can only imagine your thoughts and emotions. Many of us will be remembering you today, rest assured you are not alone.


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    Bless you and your loved ones Hiede. We all owe those men and women a great deal of thanks.

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