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Description: Kernan Aviation (http://www.kernanaviation.co.uk/) operates a fleet of microlight aircraft out of a home strip about two miles north of the town of Tandragee, Northern Ireland. The field is as described in their site, a home strip. There is a 300m long asphalt runway with just 3.5m width. The runway intersects a road and has a generally North-South direction (actually 350-170 magnetic). There is an equivalent length grass runway to the east just over the small stream where students practice grass tngs and emergency landings. The field sports three roomy hangars, a clubhouse and a briefing house, as well as outdoor seating and barbecue facilities.

I made this scenery for a good friend who flies off this field and did not have it in FSX back in 2014. I revived it now almost from scratch for MSFS. The field did not exist in FSX but it exists as EGVU in MSFS.

To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Tandragee airfield Northern Ireland, home of "Kernan Aviation" for MSFS
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