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    Odds and Sods

    Thought i'd start a new thread of odds and sods, smaller scenerys that i cant take any further either because of lack of info or enthusiasm, but would be a waste to bin---
    So to start the ball rolling, we visit France, summer 1939, the calm before the storm. Barberey-Troyes, eastern France. There is an airfield off this name and a unit of Amiot 143, represented by Chris and Shessi's model, was based there, other than that, ive used my imagination based on vintage pics of the Amiot i found online.
    The scenery is basic but ive included an impressive line up of 143's, static only im afraid, with little performance hit.

    Custom objects by me,
    Renault's by Edmundo Abad

    You'll need my RAF Manston 45 FS9 for a few extra objects to show
    Odviously, you'll need Chris and Shessi's FS9 Amiot143 in your hangar
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    Hey don't waste a thing Ian, any scenery is welcome. There are so many unrepresented airfields out there, more the merrier.

    The Amiot 143 is one of my models, do you want a static lower detail version for this scenery, and any other French ones?



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    german and french airfields

    Hallo Ian,
    concerning missing infos for german or french airfields,
    feel free to ask me, I will than look what I yet have
    or will find for you.
    As I have to thank you for all the nice airfields you do for us,
    in return I will be glad if I can furnish you some docs or anything

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    The airport I would be most interested in seeing in FS2004 and FSX is Guidonia in it's WWII form. It was a very important Reggia Aeronautica research base.

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    Thanks Papi, i'll keep you in mind for the future, Im actually starting to amass quite a collection of Luftwaffe info, esp with Huubs link to Henry L. deZeng's site, there's no maps or picture's, but with some logical thinking and a google earth image, you get a pretty good idea just by the his description of the facilities

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    Odds and Sods

    Hallo Ian,
    the next time I will be at home I will see to get more info about Vannes-Meucon and Lann-Bihoue.
    If I can I will go there and gather as most info as possible
    What is the link from Huub you speak about?
    Will be certainly interesting for me also LOL

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    Here's the link Papi, dont worry about getting info, im not looking for new ideas at the moment, nothing to stop you having a go though

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    Odds and Sods

    Hallo Ian,
    thank you for the link,
    this one I almost used it,
    when I mentionned I added nav aids to some airfields I did base on these informations if the airfields had
    almost navaids
    I thought that Huub has yet another more source LOL

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