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    JBK Short S30M Coastal Command UT

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Aircraft - British

    Description: JBK Short S30M Coastal Command for CFS2 by UncleTgt

    This is a conversion of Jens B. Kristensen's Short S30ER Empire Flying Boat for CFS 2. Due to the complex nature of the revision this is uploaded as a complete aircraft, but the design credits lie with all of the various creators, mainly Jens B. Kristensen.

    This package represents the extended-range S30M Empire, with an endurance of 16 hours+, & the airfile reflects this.

    Short S30ER boats CLIO and CORDELIA were purchased by the Air Ministry from BOAC in July 1940 as replacements for the two S.30ER 'boats lost at Bodø in Norway. The 'boats were flown to Queen's Island, Belfast, in September 1940 for a much more extensive conversion than previously impressed Empire 'boats.

    They were equipped with two Bolton and Paul Type A four-gun power-operated turrets, one amidships on the starboard side and the other in the tail. The fitting of the tail turret required considerable re-shaping of the hull aft of Frame 38. The turret fairing required the rudder to be cropped and the trim tab moved up. Some armour plating was installed. Both ‘boats were modified to carry six 450 lb. internally stowed depth charges inboard. ASV radar completed the conversion.

    They emerged in March 1941 as S.30Ms with RAF serials AX 659 and AX 660. The 'boats were delivered to 119 Squadron RAF at Bowmore on Islay, off the west coast of Scotland for convoy protection and transport. AX 659 CLIO flew its first convoy protection patrol - Convoy 0G0.60 - on 27 April for 8 hr. 14 min. and its brief service of five months with the RAF ended when the aircraft crashed on a test flight near Bowmore. No. 119 Squadron RAF was disbanded and AX 660 CORDELIA spent six weeks with No. 413 Squadron RCAF before being sold back to BOAC, to be converted back to a standard wartime S.23.

    The original model has been converted for use in CFS 2, with g_lightstates & crashchecks removed, so will work in both Free Flight and Quick Combat. Both glossy & dull mdls are supplied to better depict the polished alum & later camouflage painted finished used by these aircaraft.

    A new airfile has been developed, & the dp file also has been developed with more visible damage effects.

    New weapon bgls were developed so the new gun turrets & early-model ASV radar aerials could be added to JBK's Empire aircraft model through the dp file. They are included in this zip. Other weapon bgls used were:

    bomb racks: Bismark13's Beaufighter weapons
    450lb DC: Shessi's 450lb deptch charge

    Both are available at SimOuthouse.

    The texture supplied is:

    AX659 "Clio" after impressment into RAF service, converted for Coastal Command use during 1941.

    The 2D panel bitmap has been made WIN 7+ friendly.

    Sounds are not included, instead being aliased to the stock B24D Liberator. This is to keep the size of the download manageable. My recommendation is to use the sound files from Shessi's Sunderland.

    The dp file makes use of kelticheart's exhaust effects.

    Water Spray effects are also included. These are a tweaked & developed version of one of Bill Kestell's excellent waterspray effects, respositioned to fit the Short Empire hull & floats & renamed.

    To install, unzip the download to a temporary location & move/ copy files to the matching folder names inside your chosen CFS 2 install.

    Thanks to

    Jens B. Kristensen for a great aircraft
    Allen for the inspiration for the fixed window views
    Allen for his DOSmdlc_2, making shine & mdl size changes possible in WIN7+
    Allen for his CFS2_Exploding_Objects_using_FS2002 batch files, & help setting up G-Max 1.2 to make weapon bgls.
    Martin Wright for so many useful tools, in this case in particular MDLmat allowing aircraft model material transparency & colour changes
    Kelticheart for his exhaust effects, & inspiration for the propeller bitmaps
    Shessi for use of the Sunderland panels & gauges
    Shessi for donating his Boulton-Paul 4-gun dorsal turret G-Max file, which was the basis for the dorsal & tail turret weapons created for this model
    Akemi for his E13a Yagi aerial weapon bgls, which provided much of the source models used in creating the early LR ASV radar aerial arrangements developed for this model

    This is freeware and subject to the usual conditions

    FEB 2021

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit JBK Short S30M Coastal Command UT
    The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.

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    Thx UT... looks interesting the "dp" addon different.

    Cheers mav

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    Another Bobby Dazzler - thanks very much John!

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    Superb pack there UT!

    Great tex, many thanks.



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    Your creativity and attention to detail always impresses. Many thanks for this great package!

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    Short S30M

    Great Work Uncle , thoroughly enjoy flying this one , didn't even know that this conversion ever existed in real life !! Keep up the fantastic work !!
    Regards and Best Wishes ,

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    Many thanks for this great package


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    I love the model details in this package, you certainly didn't sell us "Short" on these!

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