Help with the Fulmar please.
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Thread: Help with the Fulmar please.

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    Help with the Fulmar please.

    Tonight I decided I would have a go with some of the Naval aircraft in the BoB mod.

    I first set up a test flight so I could get the feel of the Fulmar.

    I had the devils own job getting the thing off the ground, then it climbed like a slug. I hit flaps twice before take off but seemed so reluctant to fly.

    Any ideas what I did wrong? Can't see that poor old bird taking off from a carrier!

    Incidentally when I flew in Dogfight it seemed fine. In fact my wingman and myself shot down a JU88 over Lee-on-Solent.

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    At neutral settings sitting on the ground it's very nose heavy and needs 40-45% elevator trim for the initial climb out.

    Once you're up to speed and get some altitude under you, then you can start dialing it back down again.
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    Thanks! I will give that a try later.

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