Testing DC-3 exteriors and flight model
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Thread: Testing DC-3 exteriors and flight model

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    Testing DC-3 exteriors and flight model

    Testing is under way for the exterior model and flight dynamics on the upcoming DC-3 release. A few in-sim shots.

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    A couple more from first flight.

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    Damn that looks good!
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    wow, very nice!
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    i'll be a customer for that .

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    Looking great in MSFS!
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    Great, now show pics of the model. Yeah, it looks that good.

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    Oh, this is going to get so much flight time from me.

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    Oh, that is a thing of beauty!

    Your Dak, an Anushka and a Twin Otter, and my MSFS hangar will be pretty well complete.

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    Can't wait to buy and fly her!


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    very nice, great to see a real classic in its way

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    i am beyond ready
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    Iím continually amazed how this sim renders the models. The degree to which they look real is mind blowing IMO. This DC-3 looks absolutely amazing- an immediate buy for me.

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    Thanks all for the comments, much appreciated. It takes a bit more than just the sim engine to get things looking right. The learning curve for models, materials and textures is steep and full of boulders. Once in a while, in fact at nearly every "upgrade" a boulder will break loose and come tumbling down toward you at speed...

    Shots of the VC soon...

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    should look a peach with all that natural metal gleaming away in MSFS...
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    You must be a happy man, Barry !

    Fantastic work on our beloved Dakota. A great tribute to one of the most iconic aeroplanes in the world. It looks absolutely mindblowing ! And in my fav livery (apart from KLM ;-) and all.
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    Thanks Jan, she's just a little dear to our hearts too. I took my first commercial flight in a BEA DC-3 back 1966. I have never forgotten it. I'd do it again tomorrow. (If we could...)

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    Yes ! It looks really nice

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    Looking soo nice.

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