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Thread: McDonnell

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    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FSX Military Props

    Description: The XP-67 or "Moonbat" was a radical design put forth by McDonnell Aircraft in 1940 to fill a request by the Army for a High Speed, High Altitude, Long Range Interceptor.

    Despite it's futuristic design and anticipated performance it was plagued with engine overheating problems among others and eventually was scrapped after the sole prototype caught fire during a test flight and was lost.

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit McDonnell
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    Whoow! that's a good-lookin' aircraft! thanks

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    it was a spectacular aircraft, I will leave here the link to his paint kit, in case anyone wants to create some new texture,

    and also a smoke effect, just add it to the simulator and it will work
    English is not my native language, I ask your indulgence.
    Correct me, if you will.

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    XP-67 Update

    Been pining for the Moonbat in the sim for longer than I like to admit, and now here she is, new and improved! Many thanks! I spent the better part of last night and this morning giving the this bird some updates to really bring her to life.
    -I added landing lights that turn off when the gear is retracted. Since I haven't the slightest idea on how to write xml files correctly, they're controlled with the taxi light switch, which has also replaced the landing light switch in the VC.
    -I tied the smoke effects to movement of the throttle.
    -When I was overhauling the flight dynamics I noticed many of the entries in the aircraft.cfg were based off the P-38. Said entries have now been modified to reflect the Moonbat's specs. Found a great source to reference here: That being said, she now feels nice and heavy, especially at slower speeds.
    -Wheel contact points have been modified and more scrape points were added.
    -I also did a few changes to some textures including the prop blur, interior glass, and modified the alpha channels on the Prototype, USAAF, and RAF textures to give them a more matte finish.

    Update download here:

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails landing (taxi) lights.jpg   landing (taxi) lights vc.jpg   smoke & props.jpg  

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    Good work, thanks. I had assumed that because the landing lights were attached to an animated part that they would have to be added in the model.

    Thanks for the updates.

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    magnificent, thank you very much

    English is not my native language, I ask your indulgence.
    Correct me, if you will.

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    Thank you both for this aircraft. Amazing to me is the fact of the rigidness of the military engineers at the time to not consider alternative engine(s) for this aircraft for it to be more fully developed. And even more amazing is that that sort of thinking still exists today. Again thank you both.
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