TQ6 thrust reversers
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    TQ6 thrust reversers

    Anyone get the thrust reversers to initiate in the reverser section of a VirtualFly TQ6in MSFS 2020?


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    I think the only way to make something like that work would be to use something like FSUIPC or similar to make the controller axis report more than the normal 0-100% range. Thrust reverse in the sim is done by telling the core code that the throttle is below 0%. This is most commonly done by holding the Reduce Throttle key - as in F2 back in the FS9 days. So you'd have the axis somehow report a range from -25% through 100%, with 0% calibrated to match the idle detent. While theoretically possible, I suspect this would be a tedious undertaking to get right. Asobo could also add the option to report below zero in the sensitivities menu, but I suspect that would cause even more confusion there than is already present.

    What I have on my setup is a button by my throttle thumb bound to "Toggle Throttle Reverse Thrust." On landing, I press that button, and then I as move my physical throttle forward, the in-sim virtual throttle moves into the reverse range. It may not be quite "real world," but it gets the job done without having to let go of the control.

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    It might also be possible if you run the beta version of the Virtual Fly software for MSFS that's available for download on their site. You'd have to run the software during your MSFS session. I haven't tried it myself - trying to avoid beta software in MSFS until at least some of the wonkiness in the core sim settles out. In the past I've usually just given up and assigned buttons to throttle decrease and throttle cut - F2 and F1 in FSX/P3D. But the VF module might be worth a shot. If it works, let us know. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks guys,

    Upgraded my FSUIPC and it works great. I've been using this forever so don't know why I just didn't upgrade to begin with.


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