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Description: This package aims at fixing the small discrepencies between the TurboFirecats used by French Sécurité Civile and the addon created by Milton Shupe and team named "FSX Native S2Turboprop Civil Fire Tanker", available here at http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforum...id=34&id=25741

It includes also all mods needed for a seamless interface with FireFighterX, the essential module for virtual airtanker pilots (to be purchased at SimMarket or JustFlight).

Feature list :

Exterior :
- The opening/closing of the drop doors match the selected drop mode

Virtual Cockpit :

3D :
- An AoA light indicator is added on top of the instrument panel in front of both seats
- A light annunciator is added on top of the instrument panel for Ground Range and Reverse Range
2D :
- Instruments are reshuffled so that they match the real life installation
- Needle AoA indicator
- Drop mode selector (and interfaces with FireFighterX)
- Drop management box/annunciator
- Jon Dyer's KT76C transponder on the right panel
- Fixed COM font so that the rightmost digit shows up in full

Files :
- Tailhook deleted
- Previous drop gauges disabled
- FireFighterX- and Pelicandrome4FFX-ready : all interfaces are integrated
- Tracker 23 callsign (requires EditVoicePackX)

---/!\ ---
Changes were made to the aircraft.cfg. So be aware that you will have to reinstall any custom livery or modification you had made to this file.

Please refer to the instructions provided in the "FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\S2TPT6x\Documentation\Tu rboFirecat Redux" folder to understand how to use the new drop system and transponder.

Tested in FSX Gold only. Should work in 32bit sims (FSX:SE, P3D up to v3). MAY work in 64bit sims (P3D v4 and above) except for the stall warning sound.

To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit TurboFirecat Redux v1.0
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