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    New ship AI Kongo


    I have tried many ways to have the Kongo cruising in my FSX using AICARRIER2 but no joy.
    So I would like to know if others have her going fine in FSX Acceleration. Maybe for P3D only?

    Thank you

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    Is it listed in AI Carriers? Sorry if that's a dumb question but it's the first thing to check.
    Check the numbering in the "cfg" file of AICarriers it is listed in. Out of order? Duplicate?

    Then is it part of a formation? I've found if one part of the formation won't load, nothing will.

    Also, can you point me to it? I'll have a look on my own system.

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    To get the ship into AICarriers all you need from the Kongo download zip file is the "ai_IJN Battleship Kongo" folder. Copy that to your FSX SimObjects/Boats folder and ignore the rest of the stuff for the time being. Frank covered the other things to check. Here is the Kongo entry in my aicarriers.cfg file and it shows up fine in my sim:

    title=IJN Battleship Kongo
    unit.0=ai_IJN Battleship Kongo, 0, 0

    The "title=" line is free text, you can call the formation anything you want. I could have called it "Kongo Steaming Independently". However, on the "unit.0=" line you have to use the ship's title from its sim.cfg file.

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    Many thanks guys. Knowing there was no issue with Kongo+fsx I checked step by step and actually found I was not writin on the right AICarrier file. I have several instances of FSX to fasten the loading and....gargl so I confess some no so smart issue here but...
    So again thanks for your help!

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    Glad you got the old battlewagon to show up. AICarriers has been smarter than me on several occasions, and it's always because I've screwed up the .cfg file.

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