Cr1 addons this year.
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Thread: Cr1 addons this year.

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    Cr1 addons this year.

    Hello all.

    So after looking things over with Graham we came up with a short list of planes coming up this year. We hope to get all of these out to you if things work well for us this year.

    1- Ford Tri Motor Pro:- This is a complete departure from the original Trimotor standard that is now released. This will have many of the same skin themes as the standard but at extreme detail. (no the old ones will not work on the new Trimotor) as well as some new ones. The interiors will be upgraded to a lot more High def set up with new modeling and textures. One new model will be introduced into the package and that will be the 5AT. New gauges made in 3d. New high def sounds, and a all new flight model made with a real virtual air tunnel system. New Human models that are as real as real humans. A all new engine built to a much higher detail.
    2- Beech 17 D :- This is not an upgrade to the old Cr1/Simtech Beech 17 rather a brand new mega detail model built from the ground up. It will come in land and float versions. It will be made as a fully restored example of the Business /Sport aircraft. Extreme detail through out. New 3d gauges, High def sounds, New real life like Humans and a few surprises. The new Cr1 Wasp engine that is in the Ford Tri motor will go into this add on.
    3- Beech 18D :- This is not an update to the original Cr1/Simtech Beech 18 rather this is a ground up build in extreme detail with every modern detail. Same build specs as the Tri-Motor and Beech 17d, very extreme in detail. Both land and Float versions.
    4- Nordyun Norsman :_ This is a bran new model coming to Cr1. I chose this with Grahams blessing as I have access to a real one. It will be as the above mentioned and not be any less in detail. This will come in both land and float versions.

    The reason we settled on these is that they are the most close to releasable add ons we have, in fact they are closer then you think They were all used in the Civilian and Military services which is important to us. They are the vintage we both love to work in. They will go into all versions of Fsx and all versions of P3D with every bell and whistle we are well known for.

    Once we see that Microsoft is serious about the Sdk for MSFS we will release them for that sim as well.

    Xplane is still to be considered but don't hold your breath, I'm not a big fan of it and I don't want to stretch Graham and my self to thin.

    Pricing to be set by the publisher.

    After these we will get serious and bring out two very big add ons and that will be the true start to the new Cr1.

    I will post more information on these from our site and on our YouTube channel.


    Your source for fine Flight Simulation enhancements!

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    Count me in!

    Thanks for the heads-up Thomas,

    As a life-long Bush Flying enthusiast, I’ll be looking forward to the release of these machines. For those interested, over the years have collected quite a number of books on Canadian bush aircraft, notably Larry Milberry’s “Noorduyn Norseman, Vols.1 and 2, and his history of Austin Airways, and his volume on the Canadian North Star. I have managed to obtain Rich Hulina’s magnificent photographic books “Bush Flying Captured” Vols. 1 and 2.

    I have the addresses for both of these authors, and can highly recommend all of the above to anyone interested,

    Though I already have the Tri-Motor, I will be waiting in eager anticipation for its re incarnation as will as the other three aircraft. Count me in!!

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    The "old" tri-motor is still good for me, I have a beech 17 and 18 (allthough a good alternative is allways nice) but would really appreciate a FSX-native Norseman!

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    I've been a big fan of the original Trimotor for some time and am really excited about the new one! The inclusion of the 5-AT especially has my mouth watering! Good to see Cr1 coming back so strongly.

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    Norseman on the horizon

    Quote Originally Posted by marijn View Post
    The "old" tri-motor is still good for me, I have a beech 17 and 18 (allthough a good alternative is allways nice) but would really appreciate a FSX-native Norseman!
    Same here, l am looking forward to all the proposed aircraft, but an FSX Norseman, would be the top of the Wozza!

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